I'm Billur

My mission is to make sure that humans are more discoverable, shareable and memorable.

1. Clarify which area of expertise your brand is based on. The more specific your area of expertise, the stronger your catchiness and message will be.

Remember, when we say area of expertise, it’s not a profession.

Person: Architect

Brand person: futuristic architect who creates great workspaces

Do you see the difference?

2. You have to make sure your personal brand is real. In this century, we get thousands of messages from hundreds of people a day.

And what we want to see is not “good people”; but “real people.”

So don’t try to make yourself look perfect.

There are 4 characteristics of being human according to Montoya; here you have lessons to take:

Being interested

To make mistake

Being positive

Being authentic

3. You need support from other areas of your life to make your brand catchy. You are the brand and you should use every asset you have in your marketing communications.

Let’s give a few examples for the assets you can use:

Behaviors: passionate, energetic, positive…

Lifestyle: travelling by motorbike, living village life in the city, being a crowded family

Image: wearing geometric patterned dresses, wearing glasses according to outfit color, using shiny accessories

4. It will make sense when your personal brand is visible. While a little grim, we can say that: visibility is more important than your ability until your personal brand is known.

So you have to make a good marketing plan to show yourself to your target audience. In what ways will you catch them? Where will you meet your audience?

5. It is very valuable for your target audience to have a clear world of perception for you.

Who are you?

What kind of a person you are?

If you are given clear answers to these questions, great!

You’re quite ahead!

But if you need support on this issue, I can say that:

Your personal brand identity is the point you need to work on mostly.

Because there will be a lot of worlds where you display that identity. Your office, your meetings, your social media shares, photos, videos, and articles you write and events you attend…

Every element that reflects you in the pictures you are involved should support your identity; a world of communication that steps at each other’s feet brings death or illness to your brand.

It destroys you or slows you down; it walls in front of your targets.

So make sure that every message that reflects your brand completes your brand identity.

No one can dissolve the identity of a despotic manager delivering orders in business life and loving parent in one hoop.

You have to have a clear identity for a clear perception of you in the mind of your audience.

Don’t leave gaps in people’s minds about you.

“I wonder?!” is a dangerous rhetoric that creates gaps.

And every message that clashed with each other creates the effect of “I wonder!” to your audience.

6. Your personal brand can make mistakes; it will.

There will be failures; there may be

However for the audience that follows there is a value you must offer them from day one: to forgive your mistakes, tolerate areas that you may not manage well, and continue to follow you: that is good will

So have good will

Show it and make it felt

Be sincere about good will; be genuinely well intentioned.

Let this be one of your brand values.

If you have this value, you can ensure that your personal brand can survive a crisis unscathed.


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