I'm Billur

My mission is to make sure that humans are more discoverable, shareable and memorable.

“The personal brand products people; dehumanizes them; manipulates human relationships.”

Is it really like this?

Or could that be true?

I always ask the customers I come together to create their personal brand:

There are 2 approaches ahead of us:

1. Should we produce a brand based on personality characteristics?

2. Should we produce a brand based on target audience expectations and market?

There is no true or false here…

In a world where you have a presence as a personal brand, you have a right to choose in parallel with the goals you set yourself.

You have to choose which one you think you can manage better.

Is your goal to be invited to deliver speeches with your brand name in your industry?

To be the top earner in your industry?

To be an executive with the power to raise your company’s reputation?

Or raise your value in the market with a purely confidence-driven image?

No matter what your target is or which approach you prefer, each one is you.

Each step will be your decision, your wishes, your choices and your dreams.

In personal brand work, the goal is never to create a new identity for you.

Our only goal is to truly evaluate your personality traits, your existing abilities, your experiences and your performance (which you probably have never done properly to date), and as a result of this evaluation, to implement the self-work that will bring you to your goals in the fastest way possible.

While personality and identity are other things, the self is connected to the individual’s environment and focuses on what he wants to be, how he looks, how he wants to look and what he is.

So we can say that:

Personal brand is not meant to be fake

Personal brand is not meant to be unfounded

Personal brand is not meant to be manipulative

Personal brand is not an ego game

A personal brand is the process of creating your ideal self.

And being Billur Ertugrul I believe that;

In the year 2020

Working on your personal brand is not a luxury but a necessity…


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